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A minority woman-owned public health consulting firm.

Mumford and Associates, LLC is a minority female-owned public health consulting firm specializing in emergency preparedness, program planning and evaluation, and health education/promotion solutions.   Our goal is to empower those who often feel they do not have a voice to take back their health by utilizing evidence-based interventions and behavior theory.  Mumford and Associates, LLC utilizes a 3E approach: Educate, Empower, and Engage to equip organizations, groups, and individuals to meet the ever-changing health needs of the communities they serve.

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Mumford and Associates, LLC consultants are highly experienced public health professionals, certified heath education specialists, and public health preparedness experts who comes from all skills areas and work in multidisciplinary teams.

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What We Offer

Public Health Consulting

As we continue to wage war on obesity, diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, health disparities, environmental health concerns, smoking, alcoholism, physical inactivity, and more, public health is becoming even more important to increase the well-being of our communities. The public health is everyone's responsibility. The enormous task of protecting and improving public health calls for the collective collaboration, communication and creativity of federal, state, and local public health partners. In order for us to swing the pendulum on old and emerging disease threats, we must all be open to out of the box ideas and collaborations.

Community Health Education and Promotion

The mission of our community health partnership is to promote health, prevent disease, and advance health equity in community settings. As medical costs continue to increase, the demand for community health educators and community health workers who teach the public about healthy habits and behaviors to avoid costly chronic conditions. Community health education and promotion can help reduce costly premature deaths and disability. Our community health education team collaborates with communities to address contemporary health care challenges, health disparities, and epidemics (obesity, diabetes, bullying/violence, HIV/AIDS, mental health and other issues that disproportionately affect the target community.)

Private Health Education

On average, a physician spends 16.5 minutes face-to-face with a patient. This simply is not enough time for a patient to wrap their head around prevention recommendations, a new diagnosis, or treatment plans. Our number one goal at Mumford and Associates is to empower the patient to take back their health. Research has shown that a multi-disciplinary team that includes CHES/MCHS can improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and lower costs. We use a patient-centered approach that allows the patient to guide us based on their personal needs and desires for their health. “Their Health, Their Way.” Our team will work with your patient to evaluate their wellness level utilizing evidence-based assessment, and work with the patient to develop strategies to address their wellness needs. We offer one-one-one health education, group health education, and accountability services in between appointments. Our patient health education areas of expertise include: Chronic Disease Management , Annual Wellness Visits, and Curvy Consciousness.

What We Do Best

Let Me Introduce Myself....

I'm Quinyatta Mumford, MPH, CHES

I’m a seasoned and intuitive Public Health Director with over 10 years of experience coordinating public health programs.

Mrs. Que is the sweetest down to earth person and genuinely cares about others, their health, and their lives. She is an awesome cheerleader and inspiration to others because she herself took the walk to better health & worked hard to get there! She will do the same for you. When you make that choice for yourself, she will be right beside you & your adventure.

Terri Boone
Frequently Asked Questions

A customized program (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) to empower women to embrace their curves and their health.

MMA works directly with communities to identify needs and develop solutions around them.  We strive to build relationships that will enabled communities to takes problems that are a result of where they live, work, play, and worship.

  • Chronic disease prevention and programming
  • Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Epidemiology, data, informatics, GIS and Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Health equity
  • Infectious disease
  • Injury and violence prevention
  • Maternal and child health
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Program evaluation and improvement
  • Social determinants of health 

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